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  Dear student,
A warm welcome to our college.
You have become a part of the Marian family and lineage and so you are invited to become a part of every activity that takes place in this campus.
St. Mary's College has committed itself to the task of empowering women so that they make better homes and act as agents for positive change. The programmes and courses available here have been designed to nurture every aspect of your personality. As a stakeholder you would be working in coordination with your teachers and the neighbourhood to realise your full potentials. This symbiotic relationship has been the essence and hallmark of our institution.
You would find St. Mary's College an ideal location where the aspirations of an individual and the needs of the society converge. So look upon the campus as a place where your destiny is saped and as a nursery where you begin to bloom.
Feel free; be your natural self; act positive. St. Mary's College is your second home during your stay here.
This Handbook is intended to help serve as your guide. It contains pertinent information about St. Mary's College and its education programmes whose aim is to prepare the youth in becoming "primary leaders and catalysts of change and development." It also covers much of the information provided in the induction events during your first week at the college and answers many of the questions you will inevitably want to ask, as the years progresses, about life beyond your own Department. We hope you will read it and then keep it accessible for reference throughout your time at the college.
So please… use your Handbook; tell us what is useful and what is not; tell us what is missing and what you want us to add. Explore our website to learn more about St. Mary's College.
I wish you all the best.


- Rev. Dr. Sr. Roselin
- Principal.
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