Centre for Human Excellence

Centre for Human Excellence

  • Offers activities that help Marians understand social reality, ethical forms and values.
  • The spiritual and moral charism of the institution is imparted through the ethics classes and forums.
  • All India Catholic United Federation –AICUF, Campus Ministry, Catechism/ Ethics, Foundation Course, Friends of Servite Sisters- FSS, Parents-Teachers Association- PTA and Yoga and Meditation serve to promote human excellence.
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All India Christian Union Federation functions with an objective to develop the leadership quality and societal awareness among the students. The Student- AICUFers of St.Mary’s involve in organizing social awareness programmes and campaigns within and outside of the college campus. Every year during the Christmas season the AICUFers distribute goods and clothes to the gypsies and less fortunate brethren in and around Thoothukudi.

Campus Ministry club is assigned with the task of organising Spiritual Orientation and Retreat for the Staff and the Students. On the first Friday of every month Holy Mass is organised for catholic students and special programmes and guest lectures are organized for non-Catholic students. Retreat for staff and students are arranged periodically.

Catechism and Ethics classes are conducted for Catholic students and non-Catholic students respectively on every first day order in the first hour of the day. Our own faculty handle Ethics and Catechism classes in the allotted hours. A book is prescribed for Catholics which contains articles, genealogies, histories about Catholic Church and life of Saints. Books for non-Catholic contain general moral instructions for a better spiritual life.

Friends of Servite Sisters (FSS) wing of St. Mary’s College is widening and strengthening its roots with multiple devotional activities every year. Marian devotion is demonstrated in pious and prayerful ways.

Yoga and Meditation classes are held regularly and is imparted as a part of the co-curricular activity. Students are trained by special Yoga Instructors once in a week on every VI day order class.