To make young women agents of an egalitarian society through liberative education.


To empower women through regular and non-formal courses to make them economically independent and socially aware so that they make better homes and contribute to family and social progress.


( Live by Faith ),
The emblem signifies the purpose of Catholic Education.

Core Values


Sr. Flora Mary

- Secretary

Dr. Sr. A. S. J. Lucia Rose

- Principal

Dr. Sr. C. Shibana

- Vice Principal

Sr. F. Mary Joyce Baby

- Director -SSC

Centres for Excellence

The institution has established “Centres for Excellence” to promote Co-curricular and Extra-curricular activities inside and outside of the college campus. There are eight Centres for Excellence. Each Centre embodies several clubs and forums that operate under the headship of the Director and designate members of faculty to create a sense of working entity helping to nurture holistic growth.

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